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Let’s explore the many ways we can finish our quilts!  We’ll start with some basics of preparing our quilted sandwich and move on to 4 different ways we can add that fabric binding to the edge.  We’ll also spend some time looking at and stitching a few methods of creating hanging sleeves so we can display our workmanship!

  • Basic machine stitch to the front and hand sew to the back with mitered corners and invisible join.

  • Machine stitch to one side of the quilt and machine stitch to the other using the feet we have for our machines and a selection of stitches.

  • Faux Piped Binding using 2 fabrics for a great finish.

  • Facing tips and tricks. We’ll create a facing and finish the quilt with no visible binding.  Great for art quilts.

  • Tube hanging sleeves – the basic and simple way

  • Alternate ways to hang quilts – well explore a few different ways.

Supply list -

  • Quilted quilt (bring one that hasn't been trimmed if you have one available. We'll use it for discussion and demonstration only.

  • 5-6 quilted placemats (12" x 16-18"). These are a good size of project that can be stitched up easily and then either kept or donated after the class. You can also bring small, quilted sandwiches for practice and to keep as reference.

  • 0.25 meter (9-10") x WOF (width of fabric) of at least 4 fabrics to use for the binding and hanging sleeves. We'll discuss cutting in class.

  • Sewing Machine in good working order with all accessories and instruction manual. Spare bobbins and thread

  • Rotary cutting tools (mat, cutter with fresh blade, ruler (6 x 24)

  • Glue stick or quilter's basting glue (optional)

  • Pressing tools. This is one class where having a small iron and pressing mat close at hand is good.

  • Hand Sewing supplies: thread, needle, thimble

  • Quilting clips and/or pins

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