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Get started  or continue the exciting process of Dyeing your own fabrics! In this class we'll focus on creating 2 colour wheels of dyed fabrics using 2 different dye colours. We'll look at some basic colour theory and after dying these 18 Fat Quarters, you'll have a better understanding of why certain colours work well with others.

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Wednesday, August 21; 9am-noon

All classes at Meadow Rose Quilting Studio

Students will be dyeing 18 Fat Quarters (4.5 meters) of fabric. Cost $145.  All fabrics, dyes and chemicals included. Some experience dyeing fabric is a must for this class.

• Students will learn how to mix dye solutions safely

• Students will learn how to mix chemical water safely

• Students will dye two colour wheels using 2 different sets of dye

•Students will learn colour theory of mixing secondary colours.


Students will be required to bring the following items to class. These are not supplied in the cost of the class.

  • “messy clothes” including shoes that you won’t mind getting covered with dye drips

  • Apron – optional but recommended

  • Dust Mask

  • Gloves. Kitchen rubber gloves work well.

  • 4 liter ice cream pail or bowl of similar size for dyeing fabrics

  • Medium Zip Lock bags or plastic or glass sealable containers (to hold about 2 cups) - 40

  • Large tub or bucket that don’t leak to carry dyed fabric home.

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