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Basting quilt layers on a longarm

Back when I did all my quilting on a domestic and a mid-arm machine, I would layer my quilts using either safety pins or basting spray. (the first 5 images were taken from a google search on the internet. I don't and probably never will have any images of me layering a quilt to pin or spray baste!) Small quilts were do-able. They were easy to spread out on a table and quickly baste the layers together. Larger quilts became a bit of a challenge. I used to crawl on my basement carpet and either get my hubby or daughter's help in spray basting the layers together. I learned how to pin baste at the first Free Motion Quilt class I took. The instructor stretched the backing over a table top

It's always tough to get a good quilt picture.

Klein Lake, British Columbia....such a beautiful spot. I spent a few days visiting my daughter and we drove up the Sunshine Coast to camp for a few days. I must say that after the last month of Calgary weather, the 'not a cloud in the sky' days were wonderful. Over the years I've made a variety of quilts and given them to my girls. This Disappearing 9-Patch quilt was made when Kasey planned to move home. We painted the room for her and I made this quilt. She headed back to Vancouver after a short 6 months and took the quilt with her. I don't remember much about making this quilt. The outside corners of the 9-Patch were the light batik squares. The sides were medium squares and the ce

Glued & Machine Stitched Binding

I am an impatient sewer. I usually enjoy hand stitching the binding to the back of a quilt. I find it quite restful and a nice way to spend a few minutes/hours slow stitching. I get to cuddle under the quilt and enjoy it before I pass it on to the giftee. Lately, I haven't had the time or desire to hand stitch. So, to get things done quickly I stitch the binding to the backside of the quilt, fold it to the front and machine stitch it in place. I've tried pinning the binding in place to sew as well as using the binder clips, but neither worked well for me.....until I came across this Sharon Schamber's video showing how she glues her binding in place before stitching. I've been using this

Easy Quilted Placemats

I've decided to make a good friend some placemats. Her kitchen is painted a burnt red, so I thought some red-orange-rust placemats would do the trick. I bought some FQ and a meter each of coordinating fabrics at Cindy-Rella's Quilt Shop in Regina. They have a whole rack of end of bolts in 1 meter sections. AND they were buy one get 1 free! So, my 2 meters of fabric were from that rack and they generously cut FQs of the other fabrics I chose. My mother gave me a copy of a placemat pattern. One large piece on the side and a whole bunch of rectangles.....I decided to cut strips and sew them together with a diagonal seam. I then cut them into the required lengths and sewed 6 lengths togethe

Beautiful Quilt

I had a renter in the studio recently who brought in this lovely quilt! She told me it was the quilt that started her on her quilting journey. It's beautiful! She used Quilter's Dream Wool Batting and handspun fabrics for the front and back. I took the following picture to show how even a little bit of quilting added texture to the quilt when you use a batting with a bit of loft. Look at all that beautiful texture created by a simple pantograph design. This panto, Alfresco from Lorien Quilting is a simple 11" wide design. The rows nest beautifully. These days are my favourites! Renters having great success and being very proud of their work and creativity.

Website up and running?

After a lot of headaches and time and frustration, I think the website is up. The website will be edited and updated as I continue to work on it. In addition to information about custom quilting, there is information about longarm machine rentals and classes. There is also contact information and this blog page. The gallery is currently empty as I am slowly going through the many, many pictures on my computer and editing to post. If there is a service or class you are interested in, please contact me. If you see any errors or omissions, again,please contact me.

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