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Challenge 2017 # 3 - Stained Glass Beauty

As past of my 2017 Challenge I am documenting 50 finished projects. Quilt #3 is a "stained glass" that my Mum gave me a while ago to quilt for her. I pulled it from the very large tub of quilts to be quilted a few weeks ago and had a closer look at it to plan the quilting. I've already shared that I now have a Handi Quilter Pro-Stitcher and this quilt needed something special in the blocks. I chose the "Denali 2" design by Anne Bright to quilt each block. I created the area using multi-point and used the Skew 2 to make each block fit. I rotated the blocks to create a more pleasing flow. Yes, some of the blocks were that wonky! In the sashings I used "Curls" by Handi Quilter. I had some

Challenge 2017-#1 & #2

Edited- January 23. I started this post before vacation and didn't finish it. I'm starting the year off well. I've completed 2 quilts in my 52 projects challenge for 2017. I guess I'm cheating a little bit, but I'll be out of the studio next week, so am trying to get ahead of things. In August 2015 I took a class with Wayne Kollinger from Tuxedo Park Designs. It was a disappearing block class. We took a simple block, cut it up, rearranged it and sewed it back together. I had visions of a large bed quilt, but for some reason I really struggled once the class was done. I think it was the muted colours. Not something I usually work with. I decided on making a twin/lap quilt and got that

2017 Challenge......Accepted!

I have set myself a challenge for 2017. Last year a friend posted images daily of artwork from nature. Evelyn posted some great pictures and this year she is doing a Needlework Stitch a Day. I was inspired to see what she posted each day and this year I am looking forward to see what stitches she does each day in 2017. So, back to my challenge......I am not disciplined enough to do something every day....that's 365 somethings! Not gonna happen! But I can do maybe 52 somethings! I have accepted the challenge I have set for myself to FINISH 52 quilting related projects in 2017. I figure that's one project each week. Surely I can do that! 2017 is a special year for me and my family. 50 y

Another panto-proficient quilter

My parents visited from Winnipeg during the Christmas holidays. Dad started to quilt (see this post) and Mum brought a quilt top to quilt (or have me quilt). We (I) decided that since Dad was quilting, she needed to do this quilt herself. We chose a simple pantograph and I got her all set up. Mum's first past was a bit hesitant, but most of the quilting was in the border and the stitching wouldn't show! Mum had never quilted on my longarm and has never done any pantographs. She got the quilt quilted in no time flat and sat down to bind it right away. Notice her scarf - she literally stole it off my neck when I visited them in Winnipeg in September! Looks great on her! Unfortunately, we

Who say's you can't teach an old dog new tricks!

As I'm writing, we're just sitting down to an afternoon cup of coffee before heading out for dinner with family. My parents have been visiting for 2 weeks and they go home to Winnipeg tomorrow. Mum and Dad moved into a new apartment this summer. Dad has had to give up his garden, his woodwork and stained glass work and I've been worried how he has been keeping busy other than reading and watching TV. I want to share some exciting accomplishments. One morning at breakfast, early in our visit, Dad was looking at my placemats. He decided that he could make those! So we trooped down to my studio and he pulled fabric from my stash. He chose yellow, blue and red batiks and we got started cuttin

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