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Challenge 2017; #12 - Pink & Blue Little Irish Chain

When you set yourself a challenge, you sometimes wish you hadn't! In pulling out projects and sorting through boxes and tubs of quilts in process (UFOs), I've found many things that I had completely forgotten about and since I set myself the challenge.....I've got to do something with them. This little Irish Chain quilt (29" x 36") was pieced when I first started teaching quilting over 25 years ago. I remember it was part of a sample set showing how scale of prints in fabric affect the finished look of the piecing. I am not sure where the sample with a larger scale print is....I'll eventually find it. Maybe I've already finished it and Gifted it!!!! I recently took the the day and took m

Challenge 2017-#11, Black & Gold 9- Patch

I've changed the way I think about quilts that I make to donate or give away. I've been reading some threads on Facebook recently regarding charity quilts and the thought that we sometimes give away the stuff we don't like to charity. Charity gets our left overs. One conversation was on giving "charity" quilts to wounded veterans or other worthy organizations and "it's ok if it's not perfect, just give it to charity". Charity quilts somehow have a negative connotation. So, I've decided rather than using the term "charity quilts", I'm going to start using the term "Gifting Quilts". I make a lot of quilts each year that I give away. Some I plan ahead of time and choose a pattern and fabri

Challenge 2017 - #9 & 10

I purchased fabric to make a quilt for a baby qirl. I over estimated the fabric requirements. I think in the back of my mind I knew I would need more fabric for other baby girl projects. These two little lovelys (35" x 45") were dropped off for delivery to their new homes this weekend. I found some ideas at lazygalquilting and joetulipsquilts with ideas for these blocks. Because I had 2" cut strips left over from the baby quilt of quilt #5 I cut more strips from my scraps to add to the stash. I sewed the strips together end on end, Jelly Roll Race fashion. I pressed the seam allowances open and then trimmed the strip into 9 1/2" lengths. I sewed 6 lengths together into 9 1/2" x 9 1/2"

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