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Challenge #17 - Simple to Amazing

I joined the team at Handi Quilter last year to become a National Educator. I get to travel around North America and teach people how to use their machines! Life is good! When a Handi Quilter Retailer books an event, they have a choice of about 15 classes to choose from. I need to be prepared for any of these classes. The latest class I have prepared for and stitched a sample is "Start Simple, Expand to Amazing". The idea of this class is to start with something simple, an element in the quilt or the fabric and see what you can do to create a truly amazing finished project! Here's my sample. I used a variety of WonderFil threads to show and hide the stitches. I also used a high loft poly

Challenge 2017 - #16 Brenda's Butterflies

I am a little behind in my Challenge 2017 posts, but I am getting projects finished. Brenda's Butterflies has been gifted, so I can share the story about it. Last year I was working on the pattern instructions for a Disappearing 9-Patch quilt. When I write patterns I write in the hope that a beginner quilter can easily follow my instructions and have success. I have a friend, Brenda who considers herself a beginner quilter and offered to test the instructions for me. The pattern is written for Fat Quarters, Yardage and Layer Cakes. Brenda and I went out shopping and she found a layer cake with Butterflies! Brenda had no problems piecing the quilt and she gave it back to me with a few comm

QuiltSocial Blog Posts - Fairfield Batting

I was recently sent a collection of batting from Fairfield Batting. I wrote blog posts about them for QuiltSocial.com, May 15-19. Comparing 5 Fairfield batting samples The benefits of cotton batting The characteristics and benefits of polyester batting Understanding batting loft 4 questions to ask about batting for you next project

The Very Merry Month of May

Where has the month of May gone? I have been busy. I went to The Quilt Store in Newmarket, Ontario for a Handi Quilter Event. AND my new grandson was born! So it was an eventful month. I had a few days with my Granddaughter while we waited for baby Cupcake's arrival and we painted fabric. Here nick name is Bug. Her birthday is in June and before she was born I referred to her as my June Bug. Bug has stuck. Bug's brother had a few nicknames before he arrived and her chosen name was Baby Cupcake! Aren't they both cute? I've been doing a lot of quilting and taking on a few projects that have also kept me busy in the last few weeks. Look for the other posts that should be ready this weekend

QUILTSocial Blog Posts

A few months ago I was invited to write blog posts for QUILTsocial. As a blog writer, I've committed to researching, sewing and writing for a 5 day period every month or so. QUILTsocial is an online extension of A Needle Pulling Thread magazine published here in Canada. My first posts were published last week! The first week was stressful as this was something new. In this MeadowRoseQuilting blog, I write what I want, when I want and in what ever format I want! There are rules at QUILTsocial! My high school typing teacher will be please to know that 2 spaces between sentences is totally ingrained into my DNA! I have to re-read each sentence and count the spaces between multiple times! I am c

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