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Regrets, I have one.....

I have only a single regret in my quilting life. I sold a favorite machine. In 1990 I took my first Free Motion Quilting class and it changed my life! I still have the first quilt and I'm proud of the work. I have come a long way since then. I counted the first 30 quilts I made, then lost track. I have made small quilts [12" x 12" and smaller], really big quilts [100"+ x 100"+] and every size in between. In 1997, I pieced and quilted a large twin quilt for a neighbor's son for his birthday. I didn't take the time to rearrange my quilting table and injured my back with poor posture. Since then, every time I attempt to spend much time quilting, I pay for it. I would try to quilt for 20

Challenge 2017 - #19

Woot! Woot! Another project is done! I made this pink and black chain quilt top as a sample many, many years ago. It has been sitting around and mocking me for a very long time! I had a length of black Fireside fabric and realized that the two of them would work well together! I decided to not spend a lot of time quilting this quilt as the busyness of the pattern wouldn't really show any quilting. I chose "daisy marie", a Handi Quilter Pro-Stitcher design to finish this quilt. The flower went well with the flowers in the fabric print. I used Wonderfil's Fabulux "in the pinks" to quilt top and bottom. Some of the varigation in the thread shows on the back of the quilt. I am pleased t

Challenge 2017 - #18

My Mother is a great quilter. She loves to use up the smallest scraps of fabrics and make fantastic scrap quilts. Every time we see each other there are always a few tops available for me to work on. Our agreement is that I can quilt them and gift them as I see fit. So I always have a few tops sitting in my stash to quilt and gift when the time is right. I needed to quilt something a few weeks ago. You know that feeling that you just have to do something? I felt it was time to pull out one of Mum's scrap quilts and quilt it. I loaded the quilt and then decided to play with my own pantograph. I copied a panto design and scaled it a bit. I traced the scaled design onto Golden Threads p

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