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Challenge 2017 - #23, Marina's Quilt

Shhhhh. Can you keep a secret? Don't share this post yet! Actually, it's OK. By the time I post, the quilt will have been gifted. When my kids were young and I was starting to quilt, I made baby quilts, baby quilts and baby quilts. As the kids got older and they grew out of their quilts, I decided to make each of my nieces and nephews larger quilts when they turned 16. So each year we would do a Christmas gift draw and I made sure I organized it so I could pick the name of the child I was making a quilt for! They all have quilts and some of them even have wedding quilts! AND I've even had to make some more baby quilts! The family is growing. So, I'm starting the next round of "teen qu

Challenge 2017 - #21 & 22, class sample quilts

I'm not counting weeks yet, but I know I still have some catch up to do on my Challenge for 2017. 52 finished quilts/projects in 52 weeks! I'm slow, but I'm getting there. This post could be considered a cheater post. I am showing you 8 small quilts, but counting them as only 2 quilts. I've started travelling and teaching for Handi Quilter. I need to take samples with me for each of the classes I'm to teach. I HATE the creases that I get in my quilts when I fold them and taking 4 large quilts, when something smaller will do is a good idea. I've come up with this great idea. I mark and load a big quilt (it will fit my suitcase folded into quarters). I quilt each section slightly diff

Challenge 2017 - #20, Giant Star

Whew. I've made it to 20 quilts finished this year. But I'm more than halfway through the year and the challenge is to finish 52 quilts! One each week. I'm not doing as well as I had hoped, but have more quilts ready to tell you about. Let me tell you about this giant star quilt. I've seen pictures on line of this giant star quilt a few times and thought this would be a simple quilt to work on. I pulled some FQ of batiks and went to work. I found this tutorial by Jenny Baker. I cut 10" squares and ended with 9" finished HST rather than the larger ones Jenny used. I had the half square triangles sewn quickly and put up on my design wall where they sat and sat and sat! I finally sewed the

Facebook live with Kim at Chatterbox Quilts!

I spent some time yesterday afternoon with Kim Jamieson-Hurst from Chatterbox Quilts. She has a regular Facebook Live event every Thursday afternoon and once it has aired, posts to her YouTube channel. I had asked if I could drop by to play at bit on her Handi Quilter Infinity and she invited me to join her in her YouTube live event! I must say that I had a blast with Kim!

Fabric Dyeing Classes

Join me and explore the wonderful world of dyeing your own fabric! I've had so much fun lately, playing and mixing and making a mess! Yes, Dyeing Fabric is a messy business, but it is so well worth it. I've set up a dye space in my basement and I really don't care how much of a mess I make down there. I invite you to join me in two classes that I've scheduled to dye fabric. There is more information on the website. Contact me to register. Hand Dyed Fabrics - Exploring Colour Friday, July 21; 9am-noon. The first class is a 'taste' of basic dyeing. We'll start by dying a 3 step value gradation. Choose a colour of pre-mixed dye concentrate and 3 Fat Quarters of fabric and watch the magic!

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