Rose Bud Love Stained Glass On-Line Class

Join me as we test out an on-line class for the Rose Bud Love Stained Glass. This technique uses a reverse applique and self-made bias.


The class will be 3 hours in length and I encourage you to participate fully and be willing to give me some honest feedback afterwards. There will be no charge for this test class. 


I posted a request for class testers on a few Facebook groups and have had an overwhelming reply.  I have e-mailed the respondents to register here. There is a class limit and this seems to be the best way to manage all you wonderful volunteers!!!!

Once you have followed the link below to register I will send you a few PDF documents and an introductory video. Please down load and print the PDFs and watch the video before the class starts.

We are going to have the class at 1pm-4pm on Sunday, June 28.

Studio 180 Designs - Tucker Tuesday

01/19 - 01/23

Join me, a Certified Instructor with Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Designs for a monthly class on each of the tools. The tools are available for use in the class and the supply list is minimal. 1st Thursday of every month.

Fabric Dyeing - an introduction

01/19 - 01/23

Get a taste of fabric dyeing in this introductory class.  We'll learn the basics of dyeing FQ of fabric and learn how to do a bit of colour theory.   All fabrics, dyes and chemicals included.

Dye a total of 18 FQ [4.5 meters].  Dye a 3 step and a 6 step value gradation [dark to light] using 2 methods, dye a 3 step and a 6 step 2 colour progression [red to blue, blue to yellow or yellow to red] using 2 methods. Students may have opportunity to dye additional FQ of fabric at $5 each.

Managing Quilts on a Frame

01/19 - 01/23

Learn some great tricks and tips for preparing your quilt for the longarm and how to manage that quilt as you work on it. We'll focus on starting with a square quilt and ending with a square quilt. This class is design for all levels of quilts. We can always learn more, right?

Introduction to Longarm Quilting

01/19 - 01/23

This is the perfect class for you if you want to learn how to use a longarm quilting machine. It's a modified version of my Longarm Certification course. In this class, we'll focus on using the machine for rentals. I'll walk you through loading the quilt, setting up the machine (thread, needles, tension, etc) and some basic quilting skills so you have confidence for your rental.

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Sit Down Free Motion Quilting
Learn how easy it is to stitch these beautiful flowers and leaves.
Quilt piecing classes
Learn how to accurately cut and piece some beautiful quilts.
Longarm Free Motion Quilting
Learn how to use a longarm quilting machine and get those quilts finished!!!!!
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If you are looking for something not quilt related, here's the page for you!
Fabric Dyeing
Creating your own fabrics adds another dimension to your quilting!
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