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Placemats, Table Runner and Binding

Spend the day or a portion of it at Meadow Rose's studio. The studio will be open from 9am to 9pm. Join us for all or part of the day. Learn what you want to learn. This class is a "choose your own adventure" where you will decided what you want to work on and I'll show you what you need to learn.We'll cut and sew strips of fabric and sew these great placemats and tablerunners. I'll help you plan and decide on the width and number of strips and show you how to arrange and sew the units. ;Every placemat or table runner will be different.

Binding also seems to challenge some sewers.  Learn how to determine how wide to cut binding strips, how to stitch it to your project and how to achieve perfectly mitered corners and a no show finish! &nbsp

Basic Bargello

Bargello quilts look challenging, but they are really easy to sew. In this class, students will have a choice
of working on a tablerunner or wall hanging size quilt or a larger lap size quilt. Students will learn how
to sew exact ¼” seams and how to measure and cut these strips accurately. Students will also learn
how to press seams for perfect piecing. Both of these quilts are made with 2 ½” strip sets.

Thornhill Patch

In this introduction to quilting we are going to focus on accurate cutting, sewing, pressing and borders. This class has been designed for beginners as well as more intermediate quilters who want to improve their piecing skills. We've chosen a simple 9 patch block for the quilt. We'll teach you how to measure and sew borders for a perfectly flat quilt.

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