In February, 2020 I was in North Carolina taking the Instructor Certification with Deb Tucker and her amazing team at Studio 180 Design. It was a  packed week with lots of tips and tricks to enable me to come home and teach her techniques and patterns. On this page I share classes that I can offer. Some classes are based on patterns and some classes are based on Technique sheets and the tool instructions. Contact me directly to book a class or find out where and when I am offering these opportunities to learn.  


Rapid Fire Hunter Star Quilts have so many options. Knowing the basics is the first step to some really amazing quilts. Learn to use the Studion 180 Desig Rapid Fire Hunter Star tool and see how quilckly and accurately you can make a great quilt!

In this class you will

  • Learn to use the Rapid Fire Hunter Star Tool

  • Learn how to accurately cut either left or right handed

  • Learn how to sew bias edges with ease

  • Sew 16 blocks and piece them together to get you on the way to a completed quilt top.