Longarm Studio

I offer a variety of quilting services

  • longarm rental studio where you come and use my machine(s) to quilt your own quilts. The rental studio is currently now open as long as we are both vaccinated and wearing masks for the month of July 2021.

  • longarm quilting services, where I will quilt your quilt for you. ​​

As of July 1, 2021, we are fully open to take in your quilts for custom qulting. Please use the following guidlines.

  • Wear a mask while in the studio.

  • We'll have a consultation and discuss quilting designs.

  • I'll provide you with a price quote.  I try really hard not to exceed the quote.



In the event of another Covid Lock-down we will move to the following guidelines.  We really hope this won't be necessary.


In accordance with local Covid-19 guidelines, please follow these steps for booking your quilt in for custom quilting.

  • March 21, 2021.  I'm allowing customers to bring in their quilts and have a brief consultation about the plans for quilting. Customers much remain masked at all times and I ask that you sanitize your hands when you arrive.

  • Alternately, you can email me with a description and photo of your quilt. Please include the size of the quilt top and the backing fabric and any ideas you may want me to quilt on your handwork.  

  • I will send you a reply email with some ideas for quilting and a tentative price quote.

  • When you respond with an OK, we'll add your quilt to the que and you are welcome to drop it off with  me anytime

    • please put your quilt into a clear plastic bag or an open top bag (NO BLACK GARBAGE BAGS!!!!)

    • We'll book a time for the quilt drop off and I"ll pop my quilt drop off box outside the door.

    • My doorbell (Lady has a loud bark) will notify me that you are here and I'll open the door and bring your quilt inside.

    • I'll leave your quilt in the box for a day and then have a look at it.

  • Once I have the quilt in hand, I will re-measure the quilt top and backing and send you a formal price quote including 

    • thread choice

    • batting (if purchasing)

    • quilting design chosen and agreed upon

    • final price quote.

    • I'll give you an estimated date of completion

    • When your quilt is completed, you will receive an email invoice.  Invoices can be paid with cash (sorry, won't have change for you) when. Let me help you, cheque (made out to Allison Spence) or an etransfer.  

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