Free Motion Quilting - Longarm Classes


Many longarmers automatically start with a simple meander or loop design. These are simple shapes and easy patterns to stitch. Go further and learn 5 basic shapes of free motion quilting.  This class will give students a lot of practice stitching the 5 basic shapes as well as being able to recognize and re-produce a variety of free motion motifs. 


Students will gain confidence in their Free Motion Quilting by taking what they learned in the Beyond Meandering & Loops class and learn how to put the basic shapes together to create a variety of quilting motifs.  This class will give students the opportunity to create their own quilting motifs for greater personal expression.


learn how to choose and stitch a variety of designs that are perfect for long narrow spaces. We'll focus on variations on some basic designs for fullest effect.

Feather Basics

Learn how easy it is to stitch the basic feather.  We'll focus on technique as we explore sizes, shapes and stitching in a variety of directions.  Learn how to stitch wreaths, borders and all over designs. 

Bounce Back Feathers

Commonly known as the Longarm feather, these bounce back feathers can be used in a variety of ways with a great number of variations. We'll focus on learning and practicing shapes, sizes and flourishes.  

Quilting with Rulers on a Longarm Machine

Quilting Rulers (also known at Templates) give quilters another tool for quilting fabulous quilts. In this class we'll focus on proper use and how to use some of the basic rulers to create fabulous designs. 

Class Cost $60

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