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Free Motion Classes at Bow Bench Retreat

One of the best things in my life is being asked to teach. I'll teach anything! BUT I really love to teach sewing and quilting, especially Free Motion Quilting classes. I love showing students the basics, but also how to take things a step or two further and really fly!

I'll be teaching 2 classes at Bow Bench Retreat in Carseland in October. Here's the details.

Free Motion Quilting - Basics and Beyond: Friday, October 14; 9:30am -4:30pm.

Spend the day and learn not only the basics of free motion quilting on a domestic machine, but also how to create some fantastic quilting motifs using the 5 basic shapes. We'll spend the morning setting up the machine, learning how to layer an quilt and the 5 basic shapes of free motion quilting. Students will get lots of time to practice stitching the basics. After lunch we'll start combining the basics into some great free motion motifs. This is a technique class and students will get lots of time to practice stitching.

Free Motion Quilting - Flowers, Leaves and Fillers: Friday, October 28; 9:30am-4:30pm

If you know the basics, we'll take the day and learn how to combine the basic shapes into fabulous free motion quilting motifs. We'll focus on a variety of flowers (do you know how many there are?) and leaves (too many to think about) and variations on background fill motifs. This will be a full, fun and busy day of stitching.

Contact Nancy at Bow Bench Retreat to register.


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