QUILTSocial Blog Posts

A few months ago I was invited to write blog posts for QUILTsocial. As a blog writer, I've committed to researching, sewing and writing for a 5 day period every month or so.

QUILTsocial is an online extension of A Needle Pulling Thread magazine published here in Canada.

My first posts were published last week! The first week was stressful as this was something new. In this MeadowRoseQuilting blog, I write what I want, when I want and in what ever format I want! There are rules at QUILTsocial! My high school typing teacher will be please to know that 2 spaces between sentences is totally ingrained into my DNA! I have to re-read each sentence and count the spaces between multiple times!

I am currently preparing for the posts to be published at the end of May. These posts will be looking at some batting samples and how and when we would use them in our quilting projects.

I shared the blog posts last week on Facebook, but thought I'd include the links here so you can see what I did and what I learned.

Day 1 - Why WonderFil's rayon threads are a clear winner for creative stitching

Day 2 - Thread painting add wonderful texture to fabric printed photographs

Day 3 - Comparing 3 weights of rayon threads in machine embroidery

Day 4 - How thread painting with rayon threads enhances an image on fabric

Day 5 - Machine embroidery usi