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Challenge 2017 - # 28 Ribboned Geese

Well, its been a while since I posted about my Challenge 2017. At the beginning of 2017 I challenged myself to finish 52 quilted projects in the year. I failed with all 52 of the planned finishes, but haven't lost hope and am continuing into 2018. I've added to the challenge to finish an additional 12 projects in 2018. All I need to do now is get my posts up to date!

Let's start with this lovely quilt. I stitched Ribbon Geese way back about 10 years ago. It is the sample for a pattern that I wanted to write. The Quilt is now done and measure 40" x 40". The pattern is not done, yet.

I was THRILLED to be invited to Handi Quilter's Head offices in the fall to test drive the new 20" longarm machine, the AMARA. There were 3 of us that spent 3 days quilting on the machines and gave them a really good test drive.

We were asked to bring our own quilts and quilt as we would at home. This Ribboned Geese quilt had been sitting around for years and since I had no attachment to it, I decided to take it and "quilt the heck out of it".

Earlier in the year I had quilted a large quilt with a lot of ruler work. I developed a really bad case of Tennis Elbow/Tendonitis and spent a few months visiting the Physiotherapist. I decided this quilt would be a good test of rulers. One of the best things about the AMARA is the handlebars. They move independently and are totally adjustable! I was able to adjust the right handle to give me the pain free control I needed.

Another issue I had with my Avante is the speed. I quilt really, really fast! I have had to turn off my overspeed alarm because I was always hearing that high pitched alarm. All the straight line background fill, was as fast as I could stitch on the AMARA! Minimal alarm!

I even hand stitched the binding to the back of this quilt!

There, Quilt #28 is done and hanging on the wall in my studio. I am please!

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