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Dunamar Gardens - free pattern

A week in the tropics was a good rest with lots of sunshine and warm breezes. I took my tablet and spent some time playing with Quilt Pro Systems. I designed (or I should say re-designed) a quilt that I'm posting as a freebee!

First, a little bit about Quilt Pro Systems. This is a fantastic program for designing blocks and quilts and working out fabric requirements and even the size of each of the pieces needed to make the quilt. If you change your mind and decide to make 7" blocks instead of 9" blocks, a few clicks of your mouse and you'll have all the new information at your fingertips! If you don't want to design blocks, there are tons and tons available with the program and you can add with Block Party Collections. Save some money right now and use meadowrosequilts as a coupon code and 25% off your purchases till July 2018!!!!!

Back to our time in the sun. Sun, Sun, GLORIOUS SUN!!!!! I was more than ready and we spent a bit too much time the first day on the beach. There was a really nice breeze and even though we were in some shade, we didn't realise how hot the sun actually was!

So, we ended up spending most afternoons in our room (in the shade) and playing with Quilt Pro Systems. This design I worked on about 10 years ago and didn't really like it then. After wondering around the resort and being drawn to the splashes of color on the grounds, I thought that re-working my "Garden Path" quilt pattern was worth it.

I've written the pattern for Fat Quarters of fabric. It is easy enough to combine all the FQ and use yardage, but my thought was that the variety of greens would really show if you use a variety of FQs.

It's a simple 6" block that uses small pieces of colour on a mostly green background. Mix and match the Fat Quarters for more interest in the quilt.'

Instead of listing additional fabrics for the borders (I'm cheap), I've used the remaining green fabric for the blocks for a piano key border. I've also used the rest of the flower coloured Fat Quarters for the binding.

Enjoy this pattern. Get it at my shop.

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