Challenge 2017/18 - # 32, Chocolate Delight

I'm moving right along on my Challenge 2017/18 to finish 52 quilted projects in the year 2017. That was one for each week of the year. I didn't make it so I'm continuing into 2018 and added an additional 12 projects (one for each month).

This post is about a twice quilted quilt. I wrote this pattern as part of a scrap swap series of patterns/classes I offered when I owned my own quilt shop, Needleworks. Participants came with a supply list of fabrics, we would cut our fabric up and share with each other. This quilt was planned for February and used a collection of fabrics with chocolates and hearts. I'm working on re-writing the pattern and hope to share it as a freebee soon.

Now, back to the quilt. I originally layered it with a cotton/poly batt and a wool batt. I started quilting and unfortunately in my haste didn't make sure the wool batting was advancing as smoothly as the cotton batting. 3/4 of the way down and the batting had shifted so badly that I ripped the quilt off the frame and bundled it into a pile in the basement.

This fall I decided it was time and started picking out all those stitches!

I reloaded the quilt with only the wool batting and used a digital design from Wasatch Quilting to quilt it from edge to edge. I really just wanted this quilt done.

The quilting design adds some lovely texture to the quilt. I like the name of this design, New Beginnings, as this quilt has a new and completed life!

The only down side is that when I unpicked all the threads, the back was quite linty. I threw the backing fabric through a cycle in the wash and dryer to get as many threads off as I could. Didn't think for a minute that washing the backing would shrink it!!!!

Yep, I had to add to the backing fabric, while it was on the machine. There was no way I was going to take this quilt off the frame. So a google and pinterest search found a few sites and videos which I combined to get that extra fabric on the backing.

As I mentioned in my post on my Alberta Lone Star quilt, I really like doing the Faux Piped Binding. I was sure that I had the binding cut and ready to go, but couldn't find it. I used a natural coloured muslin and solid burgundy that matched close enough to make the binding.

The quilt is all done and we are enjoying the added warmth on our bed.