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Prepping for quilting-marking tricks

I want to share a quilt marking trick. The trick is not just the marking, but the removal as well.

I've loaded a customer quilt and spent some time before loading to mark the top. I don't often mark quilts, especially all the quilting lines I plan to stitch. I generally mark registration points or areas that I need to pay attention to.

One of my favourite marking tools is a blue wash away pen. There are a number of pens available on the market. I recommend you test them to see how you like them. I prefer a thicker pen, not the fine tip as it marks easily and clearly in one pass.

The customer wants me to continue the diamonds and fill each diamond with texture. So before loading the quilt, I spread the top onto a work table and marked the top. I pulled out my laser light and used it and a meter stick to extend the seams. This video is a little hard to see, but my red laser light is giving me a quide where I can line my ruler to draw my lines on the quilt top.

The quilt is now marked and loaded ready for quilting.

I also use my blue wash away marker to indicate what I'll stitch in each area. It's a simple reminder to jog my memory as I get to that area.

These pens are easily removable.....just remember a few things.

DO NOT apply heat and DO NOT wash with soap - both will set the ink PERMANENTLY! I learned the hard way that these "washable" pens are not really washable! The ink dissolves in water.

But, sometimes the ink needs a little help to dissolve completely. In the past, I've found that I needed to repeatedly spritz with plain water or wipe with a wet Q-tip to get the lines to disappear completely.

I learned this wonderful trick last year at Handi Quilter Academy. In one of Kelly Cline's classes she had the students marking their quilts and told us this baking soda trick.

1 tsp of baking soda mixed with 1 cup of water in a spritz bottle. Shake well to dissolve and spray the blue away!!!! It works! It Works! IT WORKS!!!!!

When I want to remove marks in a very specific area, I use a Q-tip dipped in the solution. Kelly told us to use it freshly made up, but I've had my rinse sitting around for over a week it still worked well.

ALWAYS test to make sure any markings really disappear before you go to town marking your next quilting project. Let me know how this special solution works for you!

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