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Time off to travel

So I'm travelling.

Went to Parksville BC for my nephew's wedding 2 weekends ago. Came home for 2 nights and left for Vancouver BC to work the Handi Quilter booth at Quilt Canada. That was lots of fun and a lot of work.

Stayed for a couple of days to visit my favourite youngest daughter. Now I'm in Winnipeg to celebrate my parent's 60th wedding anniversary. After the weekend, I'll drive home with hubby.

So why this blog post?  

I'm a little frustrated.  I bought a beautiful pattern while we were on Vancouver Island. The quilt is really cute with lots of smaller blocks and a variety of fabrics. UNFORTUNATELY the pattern is poorly written. The supply list asked for "various shades of each color". Each of the blocks are shaded in the instructions with a colored finished block illustration. The first block used 5 different purples but the instructions didn't say to get 5 different purples. The 2nd block used the same purples but in different orders. #1 fabric in the first block was not the #1 fabric in the 2nd block. But the blocks tie in with each other!!

I am taking the evening off and will need to sit down and number each fabric and where I will use it.

I've shared the only image I can of this quilt at the beginning of this blog. It's some of my fabric shopping. I need to get some more cause I've made lots of cutting mistakes.

So,my advice to you.

Always open the pattern and read through the instructions. If they are not clear at first glance, reconsider your purchase.

Take a picture of the finished sample if available. That will really help with fabric placements.

Purchase a fabric kit if available. Most of the time the fabric supplied will be carefully measured and selected. This should save some headaches and frustrations.

So, I'm going to spend the rest of the evening reading a book and dreaming about my soon to be finished quilt. I will get it done but it won't be as simple as I first planned. 

I also have blog posts to write about my 2017/18 finished quilt challenge. I think I've got about 7 quilts to share. They may have to wait till I get home next week! 

Happy quilting! 

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