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Have you ever wanted to dye a whole rainbow of colour in different values from dark to very light?  Here’s your chance!   We’ll pick 2 dye colours and create a 5 step gradation from Colour #1 to Colour #2. Then we’ll make 6 values of each of the colours from dark to very light. Students will mix their own dye stocks and have fun creating a beautiful rainbow of colour.  Imagine, these 30 FQ becoming the basis for a beautiful quilt! 

Students will be dyeing 30 Fat Quarters (9meters) of fabric. All fabrics, dyes and chemicals included. Some experience dyeing fabric is a must for this class.

• Students will learn how to mix dye solutions safely

• Students will learn how to mix chemical water safely

• Students will explore different methods of creating texture using a single dye colour.

• Students will explore different methods of combining 2 or more colours for some interesting colour play.  


Students will be required to bring the following items to class. These are not supplied in the cost of the class.

• “messy clothes” including shoes that you won’t mind getting covered with dye drips

• Apron – optional but recommended

• Dust Mask

Gloves. Kitchen rubber gloves work well.

• 4 liter ice cream pail or bowl of similar size for dyeing fabrics

• Medium Zip Lock bags or plastic or glass sealable containers (to hold about 2 cups) - 40

• Large tub or bucket that don’t leak to carry dyed fabric home.

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