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Longarm Studio

I offer a variety of quilting services

  • longarm quilting services, where I will quilt your quilt for you. ​​

  • longarm rental studio where you come and use my machine(s) to quilt your own quilts. 


Longarm Quilting services at Meadow Rose Quilts can be very simple and reasonably priced or more densely quilted with a variety of prices.  Please call to book a no charge consultation.  403-819-8126.

View my Quilting Services Brochure: You will notice that I've given a range of prices for the different categories. This gives me the flexibility to quilt what you want and charge you accordingly.  I will write a quote before any work is started and get your signature/approval.  In very rare circumstances, I will not charge more than the quote. 

It is super important that your quilt borders be sewn correctly. A longarmers nightmare are borders that ripple and wave. This is caused by borders not being measured, cut and sewn correctly.  Review this page I've created for you with instructions for sewing the perfect border on your quilt.

When you bring in your quilt I follow these steps.

  • We'll have a consultation and discuss quilting designs.

  • I'll provide you with a price quote.  I try really hard not to exceed the quote.

  • I'll give you an estimated date of completion

  • When your quilt is completed, you will receive an email invoice.  Invoices can be paid with cash (sorry, won't have change for you), cheque (made out to Allison Spence) or an etransfer.

You can also do a quilt consultation via email.

  • Send me an image of the full quilt with the quilt measurements and some suggestions of how you would like the quilt quilted.  We can email back and forth and I'll give you an estimated quote. Once we have that done, you can drop off your quilt. 

  • Once I have the quilt in hand, I will re-measure the quilt top and backing and send you a formal price quote including 

    • thread choice

    • batting (if purchasing)

    • quilting design chosen and agreed upon

    • final price quote


The opportunity to come and rent my longarms for a minimum of $35 per hour.  Your rental can include free hand quilting and/or use of paper pantographs.  


​I can provide concierge service: Drop your quilt off the day before and I will load it for you and get everything ready to quilt. 1₵ per square inch.

​​​​​​Here the the rental guidelines.

  • Pre-booking is required.  Email (, text or call me (403-819-8126) to book your time.

  • Rentals are available most days. Each week is different to allow renters the fullest opportunity to quilt their quilts.

  • Bookings are by the hour from the time of booking to completion (payment).  I must insist that if you book for 9am and don't show up till 9:30am, I'll still have to charge you for the 9am rental time.

  • Please have your quilt top and backing prepared for loading on the longarm frame.  Take into consideration the direction you will be stitching and whether or not you will be free hand quilting or using a paper pantograph.

  • I have Hobbs 80/20 (cotton/polyester) batting available for sale in 90" and 120" widths.

  • Please review this page I've created for you with instructions for sewing the perfect border on your quilt to help reduce/eliminate any quilting frustrations.

  • Meadow Rose Quilting includes thread and needles in the rental costs. I have found that when renters bring their own thread, it adds another level of difficulty especially if I am not familiar with that brand.

  • please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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