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Dyeing your own fabric is a little addictive and a whole lot of fun!  Every piece of dyed fabric is an exciting surprise.  Even though we will work with a limited dye palette, you’ll be amazed by the variety of colours that can be produced. We’ll be spending time learning and experimenting with colour theory. After dyeing, you’ll have a much better understanding of why certain colours work well with others. Get a taste of fabric dyeing in this introductory class.

This class is a “taste” of the basics of fabric dyeing. The dyeing method has been worked to make the process super simple. Students will be introduced to colour theory and how 2 dye colours combine to make new colours. Students will be dyeing 18 Fat Quarters (4.5 meters) of fabric. Class cost $145. All fabrics, dyes and chemicals included.  

  • Students will dye a 3 step value gradation of a single colour to learn some basic fabric dyeing techniques.

  • Students will dye a 3 step colour gradation using 2 fabric dyes

  • Students will dye a 5 step colour gradation using 2 fabrics (red-yellow, yellow-blue or blue-red) to learn how to measure and combine dyes

  • Students will dye a 6 step value gradation

  • Students will have opportunity to play with their final Fat Quarter and use a dye colour they haven’t used yet.

Supplies:  Students will be required to bring the following items to class. These are not supplied in the cost of the class.

  • “messy clothes” including shoes that you won’t mind getting covered with dye drips

  • Apron – optional but recommended

  • Gloves. Kitchen rubber gloves work well.

  • 4 liter ice cream pail or bowl of similar size for dyeing fabrics

  • Medium Zip Lock bags or plastic or glass sealable containers (to hold about 2 cups) - 24

  • Large tub or bucket that don’t leak to carry dyed fabric home

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