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Friday 6-9 and Saturday 9am-4pm - or till we are done stitching!

June 8-9, July 20-21 and August 23-24

What a happy explosion of color in this Block of the Month Quilt! It's a great skill-builder, where you will begin with one tool, then add 3 more tools throughout the 8-month program. If you are new to our tools, this is a great way to learn some of the basics. This quilt looks like it was set on point but it isn't - everything is assembled square. All this in a quilt that looks complex, but is easy to put together.

Each weekend will be broken into 3 sessions (months). I’ll start our time with a demonstration of the technique we’ll be using. Most month instructions require 2 each of 2 different blocks. I expect that we’ll make the first of each of the different blocks while we are together and then we’ll work on the other blocks at home. This will serve well as a review of the tools and techniques we cover each time.


Pattern $70

Instruction $130

  • Jubilation Pattern 

  • Studio 180 Design Tools* - Tucker Trimmer I, Wing Clipper I, Square Squared, Corner Beam, Quilter’s Magic Wand

  • Fabric Supplies: Refer to the pattern for detailed fabric requirements.

  • Sewing Machine in good working order. Studio Machines may be available for use during class time. Please book at time of registration. Needles, feet, bobbins, thread*

  • Cutting Supplies - Students are asked to supply their own rotary cutter with a fresh blade, Small cutting mat and 6” x 12" ruler. Larger cutting mats and rulers will be available for use in the class.

  • Basic Sewing Kit: thread*, pins, snips, clips, fabric marking tools

  • Miscellaneous supplies: 6 paper plates,  Invisigrip*, Quilter's Glow Tape*,  Press stick*,  post-it notes or painters tape, 12 medium sized zip lock bags,  fine tip marking pen (black and red)

  •  Bag lunch for Saturday (drinks and snacks will be supplied Friday and Saturday)

* these items are available to purchase in the class.

Email to register:

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