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Challenge 2017-#1 & #2

Edited- January 23. I started this post before vacation and didn't finish it.

I'm starting the year off well. I've completed 2 quilts in my 52 projects challenge for 2017. I guess I'm cheating a little bit, but I'll be out of the studio next week, so am trying to get ahead of things.

In August 2015 I took a class with Wayne Kollinger from Tuxedo Park Designs. It was a disappearing block class. We took a simple block, cut it up, rearranged it and sewed it back together.

I had visions of a large bed quilt, but for some reason I really struggled once the class was done. I think it was the muted colours. Not something I usually work with. I decided on making a twin/lap quilt and got that done.

I challenged myself to use rulers on my longarm. I've gotten pretty good at "eye-balling" a quarter inch. I played with lots of background fills.

We have family friends who are going through a lot right now and I decided that they needed to be gifted some comfort quilts. I am giving Dad this larger quilt and each of the daughters will get one of the 2017 challenge quilts.

I've recently got myself a Handi Quilter Pr-Stitcher for my Handi Quilter Avante. I'm learning lots and these 2 lap size (60" x 60") quilts were perfect for practicing. I chose two different designs, so the girls can know which quilt belongs to who.

For one quilt I chose "Florence" by Anne Bright.

For the other one I chose "Feather Delight" a Handi Quilter Continuous Line design.

The Quilts have been gifted so I can now share the post.

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