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Longarm Quilting Services

Longarm Quilting services at Meadow Rose Quilts can be very simple and reasonably priced or more densely quilted with a variety of prices.  Please call to book a no charge consultation.  403-819-8126.

View my Quilting Services Brochure: You will notice that I've given a range of prices for the different categories. This gives me the flexibility to quilt what you want and charge you accordingly.  I will write a quote before any work is started and get your signature/approval.  In very rare circumstances, I will not charge more than the quote. 

It is super important that your quilt borders be sewn correctly. A longarmers nightmare are borders that ripple and wave. This is caused by borders not being measured, cut and sewn correctly.  Review this page I've created for you with instructions for sewing the perfect border on your quilt.

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