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Challenge 2017/18 - # 32, Chocolate Delight

I'm moving right along on my Challenge 2017/18 to finish 52 quilted projects in the year 2017. That was one for each week of the year. I didn't make it so I'm continuing into 2018 and added an additional 12 projects (one for each month). This post is about a twice quilted quilt. I wrote this pattern as part of a scrap swap series of patterns/classes I offered when I owned my own quilt shop, Needleworks. Participants came with a supply list of fabrics, we would cut our fabric up and share with each other. This quilt was planned for February and used a collection of fabrics with chocolates and hearts. I'm working on re-writing the pattern and hope to share it as a freebee soon. Now, back to th

Challenge 2017/18 - # 33, Shakespeare in Trail

It is always exciting to finish a quilt and make use of it. My very latest finish is Sharkespeare in Trail. About 5 years ago I re-connected with a customer from my quilt shop, Needleworks. She tracked me down asked if I would help her finish a quilt for her husband. Since then we've gotten together often to quilt and eat and we even retreat together. Once her husband's quilt was done, Brenda wanted to do something else. She showed me a picture she found on pinterest and asked if I'd help her do it. I said of course........... Brenda and I sew with Arla and the three of us decided to each make this quilt scrappy. The plan had been to make a pile of blocks and share with each other, but Bren

Challenge 2017/18 - # 31, Alberta Lone Star

This fantastic quilt was started so very long ago that I've forgotten when I started it. Probably like the Asian Stack-n-Whack I posted about, it was the late 1990s or early 2000s. I love Lone Star quilts. I think I like them so much because they require precise stitching and give lots of space for free motion quilting. I had this ready to go and was showing it off to friends when I noticed that there were a few mistakes. See the pink squares pinned on? Either I had put a blue where a yellow diamond should be or a yellow where a blue diamond should be! Finally got it fixed and it was added to my challenge quilts to get done! I did finish it in 2017, but haven't posted about it till now. I

Dunamar Gardens - free pattern

A week in the tropics was a good rest with lots of sunshine and warm breezes. I took my tablet and spent some time playing with Quilt Pro Systems. I designed (or I should say re-designed) a quilt that I'm posting as a freebee! First, a little bit about Quilt Pro Systems. This is a fantastic program for designing blocks and quilts and working out fabric requirements and even the size of each of the pieces needed to make the quilt. If you change your mind and decide to make 7" blocks instead of 9" blocks, a few clicks of your mouse and you'll have all the new information at your fingertips! If you don't want to design blocks, there are tons and tons available with the program and you can add

Thursday Thread - I'm quilting with Bahama Sand

I've had this quilt on the go for over 2 years and I'm finally quilting it! I'll be doing a more detailed post about the quilt, but thought I'd show the thread I've chosen to use. This thread is Superior Threads OMNI in colour 3148, Bahama Sand. I'd say its more peachy than sandy, but I wanted some color other than beige and didn't want blue. This quilt has quilted quickly as I've been playing with a custom all over fill design. Watch for the full blog post on Shakespeare in the Park. I'm back to the machine to finish quilting.

Vacation = Sleep?

I'm awake early this morning and rather than listen to snoring I thought I'd check out the sunrise. God's creation is truly Amazing!!!!!!

Vacation = Planning Time

Vacation is a great time to unwind away from the daily challenges and stresses of life. I've been thinking of some ideas for the new studio. Now that I have the 2 Handi Quilter Longarm machines in the studio I am able to increase the times when a machine is available for rental. So there will be less scheduling conflicts. I've also been contacted by some quilters and quilters-to-be who want to learn. This has lead me to think of offering regular STITCH-IT WEEKENDS. The studio will be open and available from noon on Friday till 9ish and start again on Saturday morning at 9am until 5pm. A full 17 hours of STITCHING! What could be better????? The 2 day STITCH-IT WEEKENDS will be totally direc

Vacation = Time to think and play with new software.

You'd think think that some time away from home and a chance to soak up some rays would be relaxing. I find this not so. We spent the first day of our SUN TIME getting a little baked! But I did spend time thinking about this week's posts. We quickly develop a SUN TIME schedule. We can't sleep much past 6am local time (no matter where we are) and we are up and moving early. We get down to the beach/pool and secure our spot with towels. Breakfast/Lunch and then time relaxing till mid afternoon. We are then ready for a nap till we need to get dressed for our walk along the beach and dinner. We very rarely stay up for the shows and are usually in our rooms early for a good night's sleep. In

Vacation = thinking and dreaming time.

Vacation time in the much needed sun gives me time to think, dream and plan. We've arrived at a new resort just north of Cancun, Mexico and spent the afternoon enjoying a drink and walking along the beach!  I'm feeling the effects of the waves, not the drinks! This time last year I was days out from my foot surgery. I had the joint on the big toe on my right foot fused. I hobbled around for a few weeks and gained a new appreciation for those with chronic health issues. Even though the pain in my right foot would be considered minor, I hadn't realized how it impacted my life till it was healed. We went south last year at Easter and I couldn't walk.in the sand. What a difference a few months m

Challenge 2017 - # 29 Sunrise Over YYC

I'm on my way! Here is quilt # 29 of my Challenge 2017. In December 2016, I attended Handi Quilter Educator training. We were all given a piece of Ice Dyed Fabric from Debra Linker and asked to quilt it as a whole cloth. We were asked to send in our completed quilt by the beginning of March 2017 to be included in an article in Machine Quilting Unlimited and to go on a 3 year tour! Coming home, I immediately taped it to the wall at the bottom of the stairs on the way into the studio. I looked at it often. Unfortunately, I didn't start working on it until Christmas 2017. I took it to Handi Quilter Educator training this year. Some of the completed quilts were on display in the Gallery and we w

Challenge 2017 - # 28 Ribboned Geese

Well, its been a while since I posted about my Challenge 2017. At the beginning of 2017 I challenged myself to finish 52 quilted projects in the year. I failed with all 52 of the planned finishes, but haven't lost hope and am continuing into 2018. I've added to the challenge to finish an additional 12 projects in 2018. All I need to do now is get my posts up to date! Let's start with this lovely quilt. I stitched Ribbon Geese way back about 10 years ago. It is the sample for a pattern that I wanted to write. The Quilt is now done and measure 40" x 40". The pattern is not done, yet. I was THRILLED to be invited to Handi Quilter's Head offices in the fall to test drive the new 20" longarm ma

Thursday Thread - Superior OMNI in bobbin

So, do you think I made the right choice with my quilt threads last week? I posted about my choice between OMNI-V Mystic and Philodendron. I could have used the same thread in the bobbin, but as the backing fabric was quite busy, I didn't think the variegated thread would show. I chose OMNI #3083 Pasture as the backing thread. OMNI and OMNI-V are poly-wrapped poly core threads. They are strong threads with a matte finish. They are a 40wt thread, which is a bit thicker than a 50wt thread, but gives some nice definition.

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