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Welcome to 2019!

Welcome to the New Year! 2019 will be a year of exciting events! I am sure of it! Why? Because I choose to believe that there are many great opportunities ahead of me, both personally and professionally. When I look back on previous years, I have often tried to make a list of lots of "new year's resolutions". Within a few short weeks, I have already failed. This year, I am only making 2 resolutions. I expect to waver through-out the year, but I WILL NOT FAIL!!!!! After all, how can I not accomplish 2 little resolutions in 365 days? Let me explain. Resolution #1: I have tried many, many times over the years to read my Bible in it's entirety in a single year. I am ashamed to say that in

Challenge 2017/18 - #57 & 58 gifting quilts

I am slowly working though pieced quilt tops and passing them on to be loved and used by others. Every 6 months or so I received a bundle of quilt tops from my Mum in Winnipeg. I'll quilt them for her and either deliver them or ship them back. Sometimes I'll include one or two of mine for her to bind and gift as she feels appropriate. I am not sure where this 9-Patch quilt came from. I pieced it probably when I first started quilting-piecing. It is a smaller lap quilt and I was able to tack it to the end of another piece of backing fabric. I had the perfect piece of batting too! In all the 'print' pieces I stitched a free-hand continuous curve. To add interest I quilted a 'curl' in the solid

Challenge 2017/18 - #54, 55, 56 WORDS OF THE YEAR

Last year (2017) I made wall hangings with a Word/Phrase for the coming year. I stitched 3 of these little quilts. One for me, and one each for my daughters. I wrote about the process in the blog for QuiltSocial using WonderFil Specialty Threads for piecing, quilting and applique. RELENTLESS My older daughter’s word of choice was RELENTLESS. She is relentless in all areas of her life. She is persistent, constant, dogged and single-minded. I love that about her and she is passing some of this passion onto her kids. BE CURIOUS When asked for a word, my younger daughter right away responded with BE CURIOUS. This short phrase perfectly reflects her! She loves to learn but she has always been

Challenge 2017/18 - #52 Christmas Wedding Rings

I'm so excited to report that I finished a quilt for my bed in time for Christmas!!!! This is quilt #52 on my quest to finish 64 quilts in 2017 and 2018. I just may make it! This is the latest quilt I've sewn in my (hopefully) soon to be published pattern. At the moment the pattern is called Modern Rings or Modern Wedding Rings. I need to do some research to check on the use of these names as patterns already published. The quilt is made up of 6 different 12" blocks. This is a two fabric quilt with the rings alternating in the green and red. Other quilts have multiple fabric suggestions from 2 per quilt to 1 different fabric in each ring. This quilt is made up of 5 rings by 5 rings. So 25

Challenge 2017/18 - #53 Sunset Lone Star

I found another Lone Star Quilt that I had made earlier this year. It was my original class sample for Pinheads Quilting Company. I pulled some of my yellow and orange Hand Dyed Fabrics and against the navy background these star points look great. I went to town on the quilting. Using rulers/templates to define areas and adding some Free Motion Quilting to the rest. I quilted with WonderFil Specialty Threads' Cotton Tutti #09. Tutti is the variegated version of the 50wt Konfetti. One of my all time favourite threads. This colour is called Serenade, a beautifully random dyed yellow/pink/red Can you see that I 'cheated' on the binding? I sew my bindings by machine to the back of the quilt an

Weekend Shout Out!

It was a busy week in the studio! 6 quilts quilted!!!! Some were renters, some customer quilts and some were mine. I think that is a record. I've just published 2 more Challenge 2017/18 quilts. Check them out! In the Studio we've had a change of plans for the holidays, The studio will be open this week, December 15-22. Bring in your quilts and rent one of my machines and quilt your gifts, or leave them with me and I'll get them done for pick up on Saturday! Call, text (403-819-8126) or email to book rental time or to bring in projects for me to quilt for you. Calendar I am working on a teaching schedule for the new year. Let me know what you want to learn. I've got a great line up planned

Challenge 2017/18 - # 37 - HPQG Christmas Mini Quilt Exchange

I am a member of Heritage Park Quilt Guild. We meet twice a month on Wednesday evenings at Heritage Park. I love this group as many are newer quilters and members. There are limited "we've always done it that way" and the group is up for anything! Earlier this fall we were invited to join the Christmas Mini Quilt Exchange. Rules are simple. Sign Up and fill in the questionnaire Make a quilt to gift using some of the answers on the sign up form of your assigned giftee Our quilt could not be smaller than 8" or bigger than 20" on a side. We had to use a mini version of a block Gift the quilt at our Christmas party Be prepared to submit your received quilt at 2019 Festival of Quilts in May Once

Challenge 2017/18 - #51 Christmas Lone Star

I love Lone Star Quilts. I shared one that I had finished and posted earlier this year, #31, Alberta Lone Star. I taught a class last weekend and needed to have another little star "in process" so I could teach the students and demonstrate each step. All I needed to do when I came home was sew in 2 corners, add a border and quilt and bind! This is a little project measuring 23.5" x 23.5" square. I quilted using my Handi Quilter Pro-Stitcher Premium using the Holly Berry border design from Wasatch Quilting. Notice my whoopsie on the binding? I thought I was smart using the leftovers of the bias strip cuts to make the binding. I was a little short and added a length of the green holly fabric.

Weekend Shout Out!

Are you feeling the Christmas Spirit? Are you panicking just a little bit? Let me help ease the load. Read on for ways I can help! I've just uploaded a few new blog posts for my Challenge 2017/18. I'm getting close to finishing! Dandelion Fluff # 36 Bargello #36 & 40 In the Studio The studio is open for quilting! Bring your quilt and quilt it your self (free hand or pantograph) or I'll do if for you while you work on another project or sit back and relax! I'm back from some time in the sun and full of energy! Call, text (403-819-8126) or email to book rental time or to bring in projects for me to quilt for you. I will have lots of time available between December 6 and 22. I've also just r

Challenge 2017/18 - # 36 - Dandelion Fluff

At this year's Handi Quilter National Educator training in January, we were given 2 fabrics from Connecting Threads and asked to make 2 quilts. One with Cuddle Fabric on the top and Double Gauze on the bottom. We were allowed to pick the coordinated bundles and I was attracted to this lovely yellow and grey. I decided to challenge myself with using circle rulers and creating some texture on the front using the backing fabric as inspiration. I think it turned out well! The first quilt was delivered to Handi Quilter by the set deadline and the 2nd is still in the UFO box. Maybe I'll get to it this next year!

Challenge 2017/18 - #34 & 40, Bargello Quilts

In the spring I was booked to teach a Bargello class at Pinheads Quilting Company in Airdrie. I started by following a pattern, made a huge mistake and made it my own! I made the first Bargello sample using 2 (40 strip) pre-cut strip sets. The quilt turned out quite big and I thought that some quilters may not want to invest so much time and money on a large project as they learn the technique. I stitched a smaller wall hanging using a single (20 strips) pre-cut strip set. The quilt went together quickly and then I had some fun quilting it! Stitching a bargello quilt is quite easy as long as you keep your strip sets in order!

Vacation Shout Out!

We are getting close to the end of our time in the sun! Today is a pool party! Don't forget you can still book some rental time on the longarms or bring your quilt for me to quilt for you. Simply email me to book some time.

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