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Challenge 2017/18 - #54, 55, 56 WORDS OF THE YEAR

Last year (2017) I made wall hangings with a Word/Phrase for the coming year. I stitched 3 of these little quilts. One for me, and one each for my daughters. I wrote about the process in the blog for QuiltSocial using WonderFil Specialty Threads for piecing, quilting and applique.

RELENTLESS My older daughter’s word of choice was RELENTLESS. She is relentless in all areas of her life. She is persistent, constant, dogged and single-minded. I love that about her and she is passing some of this passion onto her kids.

BE CURIOUS When asked for a word, my younger daughter right away responded with BE CURIOUS. This short phrase perfectly reflects her! She loves to learn but she has always been able to draw others in because they want to learn more about her!

PERSEVERE My word for the year. I wanted to persevere on my challenge to complete the 52 projects in 2017 and the added 12 for 2018....I'm almost there!!!!!

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