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Fabric stash

I did a bad thing today. I went out in public. I did it for a good cause. I supported my local quilt shop and pre-ordered for a quick pick up.

I picked up 52 batiks, 1 meter each and 2 lengths of wide backs.

As I was folding, I took a few pictures to show how I use my 6" wide cutting ruler.

I start with the selvage edges of the fabric to my left and the factory fold on my right. I lay my ruler over the fabric and start folding the ruler over and over.

Once folded on the ruler, I slide the ruler out of the folds and fold the length in half.

These folded fabrics stack beautifully in my IKEA Billy Bookcases. I can see at a glance what fabrics I have.

So, now that I've got all these new fabrics organized and put away, I need to choose a pattern to work on.

Mmmmm. Maybe it will be a new Studio 180 Designs pattern. I'll keep you posted.

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Allison, MeadowRoseQuilts
Allison, MeadowRoseQuilts
Mar 27, 2020

This is how I fold my fabrics

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