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Scrappy Trips Challenge 2024 - invitation & introduction

Are you ready for another scrap quilt challenge? This year the challenge is super easy and the results will be fantastic!! I promise. Any quilter who finishes their top, can either have me quilt it for them, or they can come and use my longarm and quilt it themselves - free of charge!

Let's get to the challenge.

Have you heard of Bonnie Hunter and Quiltville? She has an amazing website and each year hosts a mystery quilt. I am not a mystery quilt fan, and I love to see what everyone finishes. But I do love her scrappy sense of quilting.

Bonnie has a lot of scrappy block and quilt patterns available for free on her website.

Many years ago I made a quilt for my daughter and son-in-law for their anniversary using Bonnie's instructions for the Scrappy Trips. And I also made up a quilt with my Mum's Christmas fabrics.

I've decided that last year's challenge didn't use up enough of my scraps and I have an awful lot of batik strips already cut into 2 1/2" strips. So, I'm going to combine Bonnie's Scrappy Trips and the Scrappy Bargello instructions and make a quilt or two. The sizes will be determined by how many strips I have.

Want to Join Me?

To get started, collect a pile of 2 1/2" wide strips.

I'm going to use Bonnie's patterns as inspiration and give a bit more step-by-step guidance for the process to make it a very quick sew.

Like last year, I'll post the instructions spread out over a few weeks so we can work on the project bit by bit. The instructions will be done before the end of June and you'll have the whole summer to sew, sew, sew!!!!!

Here is the plan.

May 13: Collect, cut and sew strips

May 20: Turn stripsets into blocks

May 27: Arrange and sew the blocks into a quilt top (or two)

June 3: Border ideas (scrappy) - Piano Keys and Checkerboard

June 10: Binding - I'll do a tutorial on the Faux Piped Binding

Remember, it's not a rush. Just something to encourage us to sew and use up what we have.

So, start thinking about what you have in your stash and how you can use those fabrics in this quilt.

Happy Quilting.


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