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Stars & Swirls Summer 2020 Quilt Along - #5 Layout

It's Step #5 of the Stars & Swirls Summer 2020 Quilt Along. I apologize for the delay in publishing this post. Let's get all these wonderful blocks put together into a completed quilt top!

Print the PDF pattern for this page of the instructions.

Stars & Swirls pattern pages 7-11
Download PDF • 3.74MB

Cutting setting triangles

Your instructions tell you how many squares to cut for the corner and the side setting triangles. Cut the corner triangles in half once. Cut the side setting triangles in half twice. Watch the video for some tips on cutting this huge side setting triangle.

Organizing the layout of the quilt.

For this step I recommend some painter's or masking tape, a permanent marker and either a rotary cutter for paper or a pair or scissors. Follow the video to see how I layout my blocks, mark them and sew them into rows.

Let's sew a few more rows together.

Sew the rows together

As you piece each row together, press and then sew it to the previous row. This way you will have minimal issues and piecing mistakes.

Trim the quilt

Trim the very outside edge of the quilt to 1/4" past the seam intersections. This ensures that you have a nice straight edge to add your borders to.

I've split this post into 2, layout and borders. Next up is #6 Borders

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