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Weekend Shout Out!

I feel like accomplished a lot this week. I got another of my Challenge 2017/18 quilts done this week. I was into Pinheads Quilting and Cathy was showing off new fabric. Check out my story. In the Studio My AMY-JOY is back in the studio! I sent her for a spa treatment this past week and we drove up to Edmonton yesterday to bring her back! Can't wait to get going on a few customer quilts and one of my own! On the Calendar I start a new Free Motion Quilting series at Pinheads Quilting this afternoon at 1:30pm. We'll be starting with the very basics of Free Motion this week. The following Sunday afternoons will be #2 Next Steps: taking those 5 basic shapes and quilting some beautiful motifs.

Challenge 2017/18 - #47 - Disney Princesses

I love it when I wake up super early (2:30am) and can't get back to sleep.....not really. But I did this morning and am pleased to report that I have finished another of my Challenge Quilts. I'm up to #47 out of 64 quilts to finish before the end of 2018. So, after tossing and turning for 30 minutes I realized I just wasn't going to go back to sleep and headed down to the studio. Yesterday I worked hard and accomplished a lot! I had another quilt on the frame quilting (more on that one later, it's #48) and while the Pro-Stitcher was doing it's thing, I pieced this Disney Princess quilt. I was teaching at Pinheads Quilting Company this week when this fantastic fabric arrived. Cathy cut the

Weekend Shout Out!

So you know how when you sometimes get a little over excited or a little tired (like I do when I've been teaching Handi Quilter for 2 days and am so pumped up!) and see something that just strikes you as funny? I was leaving Medicine Hat after my event at Dueck's Sewing Center. Had my coffee cup nice and full and hot, and the tunes (almost) blaring! I'm stopped at one of the last traffic lights out of town and what do I see? This half tonne truck with bales of "swan shavings". I had a good chuckle over the thought of swans getting shaved and the stuff being saved! I realize it is wood chips or shavings that are intended for animal bedding and the company name is Swan. But this just struc

Weekend Shout Out!

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday!!!! To my hubby and my Mummy! If you run into either of them this week, wish them a happy as I'm not near either and I'll miss hugging them! I watched a great videos] recently that I thought was too good not to share. Natalia Bonner's video on unpicking machine quilting. I watched it and had to try it right away. It works!!!! In the Studio I'm mostly out of the studio for the next few weeks. When I'm in I'll be madly quilting! So, the studio will be closed for rentals and open by appointment for quilt drop offs. I was reminded this weekend that Christmas is right around the corner. Sheesh! But we've got to get those quilts done. My lovely ladies (Am

Longarmer Social Club at My Sewing Room

Join other longarmers and longarmers-to-be in a fun evening of learning and sharing. This is a time to learn from the instructor and each other and to share you own tips and tricks for successful quilting. We will try not to be brand specific and encourage those who are looking to become longarmers to join us. Learn to use a longarm machine correctly and safely. Topics cover: loading tips and fabric tension, TNT—Threads, Needles and Tension; Stitching Motifs—how to take a basic shape and create an edge-to-edge design. Longarmers Social Club also provides training on the wide variety of longarm rulers available including Handi Quilter’s Ruler of the Month Club Tuesdays, October 9, November

Weekend Shout Out!

In the Studio What do you do when you get a foot of snow? Snow Dye of course! I had picked up 5 half meter pieces of white with black print batiks a few weeks ago when I was at Pinheads in Airdrie. When I saw the snow, I knew I just had to dye that fabric. The fabric is all dyed and I'm working on a project with them. I didn't take any pictures of the dyed fabric, but will post when the project is done. Here are some pictures of the snow melting! On the Calendar Here are some great opportunities for you to learn more about quilting. Contact the stores for more details and to register. Tuesday, October 9: Free Motion Quilting with Rulers on a Sit Down Machine at Pinheads; 1:30-4:30pm Tuesd

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