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Weekend Shout Out!

So you know how when you sometimes get a little over excited or a little tired (like I do when I've been teaching Handi Quilter for 2 days and am so pumped up!) and see something that just strikes you as funny?

I was leaving Medicine Hat after my event at Dueck's Sewing Center. Had my coffee cup nice and full and hot, and the tunes (almost) blaring! I'm stopped at one of the last traffic lights out of town and what do I see? This half tonne truck with bales of "swan shavings". I had a good chuckle over the thought of swans getting shaved and the stuff being saved! I realize it is wood chips or shavings that are intended for animal bedding and the company name is Swan. But this just struck me as quite funny!

Last week I shared a video from Natalia Bonner. This week it's from Paola Jo from Sederquilts. watch her short video about testing Heat Erasable Markers on fabric. Eye opening! I haven't done this test but am going do if with all my marking pens. Will keep you posted.

In the Studio

Whew, After 5 weekend travelling engagements, I'm home for the next few weeks. The studio will be open for quilt drop offs and rentals! Give me a shout (403-819-8126) to book time on Ava (Handi Quilter Avante) or drop off a quilt for me to quilt.

On the Calendar

It's been a busy few weeks as I've been travelling with Handi Quilter; last week in Toronto and this past week in Medicine Hat. The Handi Quilter Event in Medicine Hat was at Dueck's Sewing Center. We had a blast!!!!

Up next:

  • Handi Quilter Pro-Stitcher Club at My Sewing Room; Tuesday, October 23 at 6pm. We are going to learn sooooo much! Bring your tablet or laptop and we'll learn and share. Club is every 4th Tuesday at My Sewing Room.

  • Free Motion Quilting Series at Pinheads Quilting starts on Sunday October 23. We start with the very basics of Free Motion Quilting and each week, we add more and build your confidence and skill!. Can't register for all 4? No problem. Register for the class you want. You will get a registration discount if you register for all 4 at once.

  • #1: Basics, setting up machine and quilt and learning the 5 basic shapes.

  • #2 Next Steps: taking those 5 basic shapes and quilting some beautiful motifs.

  • #3 Flowers and Leaves are all around us, lets learn how to stitch a variety of designs.

  • #4 FEATHERS. I love quilting feathers and my simple techniques will have you quilting beautiful feathers in no time!

  • Lone Star Quilt at Pinheads Quilting on Thursday Nov 1 & 8; 6-9m. We are going to focus on accuracy. It's easy with a few simple tricks and tips. We'll make a wall hanging size quilt, but you'll be able to make any size star once you know how! The Pattern is included in the class with 2 bonus blocks!

On the Road

I'll be at Fun with Stitches in Belleville Ontario November 15-17 for a fun Handi Quilter Event!

Now, off to get my day started and quilt, quilt, quilt!!!!!

Have a great week sewing and quilting.

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