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Kids Summer Creative Camps

I've got a full summer planned with Kids Creative Camps at three locations in and around Calgary. There is still time to register. Follow this link for the full details...... Here are the highlights. July 9-11 at Bow Bench Retreat. 3 full days of dyeing fabric and sewing! July 15-19 at My Sewing Room. 5 mornings or afternoons of quilt making or bag sewing July 22-26 at Pinheads Quilting. 5 afternoons of quilt making July 29-August 2 at My Sewing Room. Again, 5 mornings or afternoons of bag sewing or quilt making August 12-16 at My Sewing Room. 5 mornings or afternoons of open sew....Miss the bag or quilt class, you can do it now or choose a clothing project to work on!

I need help with my Modern Wedding Rings quilt

LOOKING FOR PATTERN TESTERS and Pre-readers: I've been sewing Double Wedding Ring Quilts for family members as they have been married. It is a fun project and I get to share with them a little of how much I love them....It costs money (lots of money) and time as well as my skills to create these gifts. Over the years I've looked for ways to simplify the process and keep the project enjoyable. I'm the type of quilter that I usually don't start a project until I know who or what the purpose of it will be. I seem to do an awful lot of samples!!!! as well as gifting quilts. I am trying to make at least 1 quilt each year just for me, but this usually gets pushed to the bottom of the list till

Too much vs. Too little

It has always been a challenge to balance work and home life. I was reminded of that this week. I needed to spend time (out of the house) with someone and as a result lost some valuable work time. Do I regret the lost sleep? Do I regret the time away from work while I napped? Do I regret the lost income? NEVER!!!! I also get a little overwhelmed by the copious amounts of information I see on social media. You know them. Those quilters who post something wonderful on a daily and weekly basis! Their work is so much better than mine! They are getting so much done! They have a much bigger following that me!!!!! Then I watched a short video by Jamie Wallen this morning and he says he wil

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