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I need help with my Modern Wedding Rings quilt


I've been sewing Double Wedding Ring Quilts for family members as they have been married. It is a fun project and I get to share with them a little of how much I love them....It costs money (lots of money) and time as well as my skills to create these gifts. Over the years I've looked for ways to simplify the process and keep the project enjoyable.

I'm the type of quilter that I usually don't start a project until I know who or what the purpose of it will be. I seem to do an awful lot of samples!!!! as well as gifting quilts. I am trying to make at least 1 quilt each year just for me, but this usually gets pushed to the bottom of the list till everything else is done.

A few years ago I was spending valuable time on Pinterest and found this block. There wasn't a link for the pattern, so I re-drew it in my design program and then started playing.

What I came up with was a quilt of interlocking blocks set on point. There is no border to this quilt, just lots of space to add some fantastic quilting designs. I am in the process of writing the pattern. As with many of the things I do, I am preparing the pattern in 6 different sizes with a variety of fabric/colouring ideas.

I am looking for some 1st Step Pattern Testers or readers. I have the first part of the pattern written with instructions for the smallest size quilt. I am looking for some quilters to read through the 8 pages and reply with feedback.

For everyone who helps me through the various states, I will send you an autographed published copy of the pattern! and my undying gratitude.


If you would like to particpate, email me with your contact information and I will forward the PDF of the first 8 pages to you.

What I am looking for is:

  • typos and formatting errors

  • areas of confusion or unclear instructions

  • grammatical errors

  • errors or confusing graphics and diagrams

I ask that you print the document and write all over it with a red pen! Take a picture of the pages and email them back to me.

Deadline is ASAP!!!! The end of June if possible.

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