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I'm calling it Twilight Spectrum

Look at this quilt! Its 73" square and I got it done in less than 2 weeks even with half a finger!

Did you hear about my booboo?

I had a productive day cut short on Monday. I'm blaming it on furniture rearranging. I had the crazy idea to move Ava (Handi Quilter longarm) from the bedroom to the studio. My cutting table didn't make the move yet and I was cutting on a plastic top folding table.

These tables are good, but kind of flexible. I had noticed that there was some softness on the table as I was cutting. I guess the cutter popped over the ruler and sliced a chunk off my index finger. Hubby graciously left work early and took me to Airdrie Urgent Care.

Back to the quilt...... I won this pattern at the recent CI training with Sudio 180 Designs. Loved it! It is a surprisingly easy project using the Wedge Star Tool. Designer Sarah Furrer did an amazing job on this design.

I soon realized that I need to take pictures and refer to them often.

The floor was a great design "wall".

I think I got everything in the correct spot.

Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Design tools certainly make things easier. Sew, press, trim.

I'm hoping to teach this pattern soon. I'll keep you posted!

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May 29, 2020

Hello from Camrose

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