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Summer 2023 Scrap Along Challenge - Sewing the top

Welcome to the Summer 2023 Quilt Along Challenge. This summer I’m challenging myself to empty as many of my scrap bins of fabric as I can and make quilts for charity. I'm challenging you too!

Check the previous posts below for more information.

We've cut 2 1/2" squares and sewn them together into 4-patch units and 6-patch units. In the last post, we sewed the units together with larger 6 1/2" squares to make the blocks. I am sure you can figure out what comes next!

Arrange the blocks into a 5 x 7 block layout. I am planning to add the border to the top and left edges, so my large squares are arranged that way. Please note: I'm working on 2 quilts at once. A large blue square (shown in the last blog post) and a large brown square (shown in this post).

I used real scraps this time for the large brown squares. I laid out the blocks then spent some time re-arranging them for a fairly even distribution.

Once I was happy with the layout, I stacked each column of blocks. I started at the top of the quilt and stacked the first block on top of the second. I then placed these on top of the third block as I worked my way down.

I've got 2 stacks and a third started.

Once I had my stacks collected, I decided to label them so that I wouldn't get confused in anyway.

Somewhere along the way, I've picked up these larger magic clips. I used a sharpie marker to number each to keep my stacks in the right order. If I had space to layout my blocks and keep them laid out on the floor (not having dogs), I'd probably skip this step and just collect each set as needed.

Now comes the fun (or could be confusing) part. Sewing these stacks together and not getting mixed up.

Start with Stacks 1 and 2. Sew them together into pairs and chain stitch between each set of rows. Do not cut them apart and wait to press until the end.

Once you've got Stacks 1 and 2 sewn together, add Stack 3. Continue to chain sew between the stitched seams.

It's really hard to show but now my blocks are sewn together in a "web" of blocks.

Here is a good, clear explanation of the web piecing if my instructions don't make sense.

And now it's time to sew the rows together.

.....silly me didn't get a picture before I added the border!


So you will probably find that some of the seams are not nesting properly. I don't obsess about this, I simple slip and clip.

When I have 2 seam allowances that aren't nesting, I'll slip one seam allowance the other way and hold it with my finger to stitch.

Then I'll clip into that seam allowance (without cutting the stitching line) and press as usual. The seam will lay flat and once the quilt is quilted, no one will be able to tell the difference!!!!!

Next up.....Let's finish this quilt with a top and side border.

Don't forget to share your work by using #summer2023scrapalongchallenge in your social media posts.


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