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Summer 2023 Scrap Along Challenge - Sewing 6-Patch units

Welcome to the Summer 2023 Quilt Along Challenge. This summer I’m challenging myself to empty as many of my scrap bins of fabric as I can and make quilts for charity. I'm challenging you too!

Check the previous posts below for more information.

If you are joining me, we’ll be using 2 1/2” squares and 6 1/2” squares. These measurements include the 1/4” seam allowance and should be measured from the outside edge of the fabric.

You should have some nice piles of 4-Patch units. Did you press with the seams spiraling? It doesn't really take any more time, and you'll like the finished results.

Step 5:

Sew the 6-Patch units.

You should have a pile of Pairs as well as a pile of 4-Patch units. Now, we are going to join them.

Choose a 4-Patch unit and a Pair of squares.

Flip them over to check the direction of the seams allowances.

In the first image the seam allowances of the 4-Patch and the Pair have been pressed in the same direction. They will not next and lay flat.

In the following image, you see that I rotated the Pair so that the seam allowances will nest with the 4-Patch units.

If you sewed the pairs together into the 4-Patch with the seam allowance on the top pair facing away from you, you'll now be sewing with the seam allowance facing you.

Sew a whole bunch of these together! You will need 82 sets of what we'll now call 6-Patch units.

When you press the spiral you'll see that the seam allowances will both face the middle unit or both face away from the middle unit. This will be important in the next steps.

Perfect Scrap block! See how nicely those seam intersections nest!


I find pressing very boring. I've started taking a small pressing station to the living room and using our TV time to sit and press these units. It's surprising how quickly the pressing gets done when you are focusing on a great movie!


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