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Summer 2023 Scrap Along Challenge - Review and Storage

Welcome to the Summer 2023 Quilt Along Challenge. This summer I’m challenging myself to empty as many of my scrap bins of fabric as I can and make quilts for charity. I'm challenging you too!

Check the previous posts below for more information.

Let's Review our progress so far.

We've started sorting out scraps.

Anything more than a half meter/yard has been folded neatly and put away to use in another project. Here's a link to how I fold and store my larger scraps.

Anything less than a half meter/yard has been cut into 2 1/2" strips. These have been left as width of fabric strips.

I like to roll like colours together. But most of the time I just dump the strips into the container. I figure I know where they are and can pull out and use what I need.....hopefully!

When I have 2 1/2" strips that are less than full width or half width of fabric, I cut into 2 1/2" squares. At the moment this little basket does fine, but I think I will need something bigger sooner as I really want to empty another large tub of scraps this week and will need to find another storage solution.

Now when it comes to the sewn pieces, I rummaged around and found these 3 little containers for the

  • 2 1/2" pairs. I'll grab and sew a bunch of pairs together and store in this little container till it is full. Then I'll stop and press the seams to one side.

  • 4-Patch units. I'll use the pairs to sew together and fill the 4-patch container till it gets full and needs pressing.

  • 6-Patch units. I store the completed 6-patch units in a slightly larger container.

And finally my large cut squares are in another container. I'll end up with a final container with the finished blocks.

We sewed pairs

We sewed 4-Patch Units

and spun the seams

We sewed 4-patch units to pairs

and were careful how we pressed the seams.

Next up, we'll start sewing some blocks.


I'm sharing my ideas for keeping my space organized. If you have an idea that works for you please share.

Let's start sharing some of our scrap overload and how we're sorting, cutting and storing our scraps. Use #summer2023ScrapAlongChallenge in your social media posts so we can see what you are accomplishing!


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