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Summer 2023 Scrap Along Challenge - Sewing Blocks

Welcome to the Summer 2023 Quilt Along Challenge. This summer I’m challenging myself to empty as many of my scrap bins of fabric as I can and make quilts for charity. I'm challenging you too!

Check the previous posts below for more information.

Are you ready to start putting things together?

Start by grabbing a large 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" square, two 6-Patch units and one 4-Patch unit. Check them to make sure you aren't too heavy with one fabric. We are going for a scrappy look after all.

Flip everything over and look at the seams. Re-arrange the units so any seams will nest with those beside them.

Sew a 6-Patch unit to the side of the large square and a 6-Patch units to a 4-Patch unit.

Press the seams using previous seams as a guide and the following pictures to spin the seam allowances.

Join the 2 units together, nesting the seams and press the seams following the arrows.

Once you have a few blocks done, you'll notice a little hiccup with the direction of a few seams. Don't worry. I'll show you a trick for later.

You will need to repeat the above steps for all 35 of your blocks.


I don't have all my units sewn together yet. I am an assembly line piecer. I'll sew a whole bunch of single units into pairs. Press them and sew them into 4-Patch units. When I run out squares, I'll stop and cut more. When I run out of sewn pairs, I'll stop and sew more pairs together. I'll keep working on the next units until I run out and then start over again.

I've got a whole stack of pairs sewn that need to be pressed. That will be my next "leader and ender" sewing as I work on another project.

Remember, this isn't a race. Just work when you can and have some fun and a great sense of accomplishment for emptying a scrap container.

Next up.....putting it all together!

Don't forget to share your work by using #summer2023scrapalongchallenge in your social media posts.


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