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Hand Dyed Fabric - Colour, Colour and More Colour

If you know me at all, I love colour. I love creating colour. Dyeing my own fabrics is one way that I satisfy my love of colour.

I currently teach 3 different classes on Dyeing your own fabric using a super simple method of low immersion dyeing. I supply all the fabrics, chemicals and dyes so you don't have to worry about sourcing your own. Each of the classes runs 3-4 hours and I encourage everyone to work at their own pace. Class size is small as my space is small! Because I like to keep the class sizes small, no previous experience is necessary as we start simple and basic and all move on together.

Exploring Colour takes you step by step through the dyeing process. We work with 2 colours of dye and make 2 colour gradations and 2 value gradations as you learn the simple dyeing basics. At the end of the 3 hours you'll be taking home 18 Fat Quarters of lovely colour.

Colour Wheel - 2 ways continues the colour exploration and dyeing process. We are a little more careful with our colour mixing and dye a 6 step colour wheel and a 12 step colour wheel using different colours of dye. You'll see how effective changing a single dye colour can affect the whole colour wheel. At the end of the 3 hours, you'll have another 18 Fat Quarters of beautiful colour!

COLOUR & VALUE GRADATION dyes 30 Fat Quarters from dark to light of a 2 colour gradation. Learn how easy it is to re-create your favourite colours in the desired value again and again as we also cover record keeping in more detail. In this class students will learn how to mix the chemicals and dye solutions for their own dyeing processes. This class takes up to 4 hours but is well worth the extra time and effort!

I'm currently working on a pattern to make use of these fantastic fabrics that I've created. I won't show you my stash of HDF FQ, but I'll show a bit of the quilt I'm working on. I hope to have the pattern ready for testing next week!

I have a small dye studio (my laundry room) and hope to expand to a larger space this spring, but I can and have dyed fabric in the main studio with a bit of equipment move. This method uses very little water and I've found that there is minimal if any spills to worry about.

I can bring all my supplies to you if you would like to host a dye class. We can do a maximum of 8 easily in the 3 hour time slot.

Happy Dyeing and Happy Quilting.


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