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Challenge 2017/18 - #47 - Disney Princesses

I love it when I wake up super early (2:30am) and can't get back to sleep.....not really. But I did this morning and am pleased to report that I have finished another of my Challenge Quilts. I'm up to #47 out of 64 quilts to finish before the end of 2018.

So, after tossing and turning for 30 minutes I realized I just wasn't going to go back to sleep and headed down to the studio.

Yesterday I worked hard and accomplished a lot! I had another quilt on the frame quilting (more on that one later, it's #48) and while the Pro-Stitcher was doing it's thing, I pieced this Disney Princess quilt. I was teaching at Pinheads Quilting Company this week when this fantastic fabric arrived. Cathy cut the panels up during class and even though I had said I wasn't buying any more fabric, I just had to get this for a little Princess I know!

I cut the blocks 17" wide and 18" high. They were not squares and the print on one of the blocks was outside this measurement.

The background print on Jasmine is trimmed a bit, but the rest are floating. There are two different panels, Disney Princess: Heart Strong and Heart Strong Explore New Worlds from Camelot Fabrics.

The sashing was cut 3" wide and the border 5.5" wide. It's a big quilt, not quite big enough for a bed, but certainly for 2 or more to cuddle under.

I only used 6 of the 8 panel blocks, so made a pillow with the remaining two.

I found this great digitized design called Princess by Keryn Emmerson from Intelligent Quilting. It was enough to add texture to the quilt.

It's a good way to spend the early morning hours. Now off to get some coffee and try to stay awake for the rest of the day!!!!!

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