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Challenge 2017/18 - #52 Christmas Wedding Rings

I'm so excited to report that I finished a quilt for my bed in time for Christmas!!!! This is quilt #52 on my quest to finish 64 quilts in 2017 and 2018. I just may make it!

This is the latest quilt I've sewn in my (hopefully) soon to be published pattern. At the moment the pattern is called Modern Rings or Modern Wedding Rings. I need to do some research to check on the use of these names as patterns already published.

The quilt is made up of 6 different 12" blocks. This is a two fabric quilt with the rings alternating in the green and red. Other quilts have multiple fabric suggestions from 2 per quilt to 1 different fabric in each ring. This quilt is made up of 5 rings by 5 rings. So 25 rings in alternating fabrics or 25 different fabrics!

I started sewing this quilt in November when I was up in Edmonton overnight. I had a mini retreat in my hotel room and got most of the top together. This past week, I laid it all out and finished the block piecing, loaded the quilt on my frame and got this thing Quilted!

I was fortunate enough to find a wide back fabric in my stash that fit this 100" x 100" quilt perfectly!

I had purchased a roll of 108" wide batting, Hobbs Poly-Down earlier in the month and wanted to see how this quilted. As we won't be using this quilt for more than a few weeks and we always have 2 quilts on the bed, I wasn't worried about warmth.

I used Aurifl cotton thread #5020 in a pale green. It quilted well adding texture to the free-hand holly leaves and berry loops.

The last few stitches and the binding is done. We've actually slept under it the last two nights.

I will be looking for pattern testers in the new year. If you are interested in testing the pattern for me, send me an email. Once the pattern is published, testers will receive a copy.

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