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Challenge 2017/18 - #57 & 58 gifting quilts

I am slowly working though pieced quilt tops and passing them on to be loved and used by others.

Every 6 months or so I received a bundle of quilt tops from my Mum in Winnipeg. I'll quilt them for her and either deliver them or ship them back. Sometimes I'll include one or two of mine for her to bind and gift as she feels appropriate.

I am not sure where this 9-Patch quilt came from. I pieced it probably when I first started quilting-piecing. It is a smaller lap quilt and I was able to tack it to the end of another piece of backing fabric. I had the perfect piece of batting too!

In all the 'print' pieces I stitched a free-hand continuous curve. To add interest I quilted a 'curl' in the solid pieces. It was good practice and moved along quickly.

This quilt will be ideal to give to a little fellow. It is a simple 2 strip rail fence using some fun prints.

I loaded a large piece of Fireside fabric and used Hobbs Poly-Down batting and quilted 2 quilts at once. I used the Stipple pattern on my Handi Quilter Pro-Stitcher Premium.

I only have 1 baby quilt left to quilt for Mum. This will be done soon and delivered when I see her again in January.

Its such a good feeling to get these projects done. Mum has a stash of "gifting" quilts in her closet and is ready to share some love with anyone who needs or wants a 'cuddle'!

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