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Challenge 2017/18 - #53 Sunset Lone Star

I found another Lone Star Quilt that I had made earlier this year. It was my original class sample for Pinheads Quilting Company.

I pulled some of my yellow and orange Hand Dyed Fabrics and against the navy background these star points look great.

I went to town on the quilting. Using rulers/templates to define areas and adding some Free Motion Quilting to the rest.

I quilted with WonderFil Specialty Threads' Cotton Tutti #09. Tutti is the variegated version of the 50wt Konfetti. One of my all time favourite threads. This colour is called Serenade, a beautifully random dyed yellow/pink/red

Can you see that I 'cheated' on the binding? I sew my bindings by machine to the back of the quilt and then bring it to the front and usually straight stitch the fold in place. This time I used a multiple zig zag stitch set to a narrow width. Like my Christmas Lone Star, I used the leftovers of the strip sets as my binding and the backing is from the Asian Stack-n- Whack quilt.

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