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Welcome to 2019!

Welcome to the New Year! 2019 will be a year of exciting events! I am sure of it! Why? Because I choose to believe that there are many great opportunities ahead of me, both personally and professionally.

When I look back on previous years, I have often tried to make a list of lots of "new year's resolutions". Within a few short weeks, I have already failed. This year, I am only making 2 resolutions. I expect to waver through-out the year, but I WILL NOT FAIL!!!!!

After all, how can I not accomplish 2 little resolutions in 365 days? Let me explain.

Resolution #1: I have tried many, many times over the years to read my Bible in it's entirety in a single year. I am ashamed to say that in 59 years, I have not accomplished this goal. This year I will! There are a number of resources available to encourage me in this plan, I need to take some time to figure out which path I am going to follow. Any encouragement you may have will be greatly appreciated!

Resolution #2: This year I will TRY.

  • Make an attempt or effort to do something.

  • Attempt to achieve or attain.

  • Use, test, or do (something new or different) in order to see if it is suitable, effective, or pleasant.

I will try new things in my personal and professional life. I will try to finish what I start (see resolution #1!). I will try to learn something new on a regular basis, be it a new skill or activity. I will try to be more hospitable. I will try to be less judgmental. I will try to be more supportive of my family and friends.

In 2017 my word for the year was FINISH. This past year, the word was PERSEVERE. This year, its TRY. Try something, anything. Try to finish. Try to start. Try to continue. Try something new. Again, encouragement would be greatly appreciated!

For the last 2 years I have been working on my Challenge 2017 and Challenge 2017/18. In 2017 I said I would complete 52 quilted projects. I didn't' quite meet the challenge, so in 2018, I continued with 12 more projects added. 64 finished quilted projects in 2 years. I am almost there! Some of these projects have been class samples, some have been gifts, some have been small quilts for me and some have been really big quilts for me. I've enjoyed working on every single one. As I've been reviewing my list of completed projects, I've re-read my blog posts and remembered the stories about each of these projects. I've reviewed things I've learned and been encouraged about some of the relationships that have been made and strengthened through this process.

So, no tracking of the number of quilted projects completed this year, although I will post about them. I'll also include some non-quilted projects as I am getting back into sewing garments and I knit a lot! I also want to share more stories of classes I am teaching this year, with a little more background and the thoughts behind each class.....why I teach it, why I teach the way I do.

Watch for tomorrow's post about a great opportunity to Win Big!

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