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Weekend Shout Out!

Are you feeling the Christmas Spirit? Are you panicking just a little bit? Let me help ease the load. Read on for ways I can help!

I've just uploaded a few new blog posts for my Challenge 2017/18. I'm getting close to finishing!

In the Studio

The studio is open for quilting! Bring your quilt and quilt it your self (free hand or pantograph) or I'll do if for you while you work on another project or sit back and relax!

I'm back from some time in the sun and full of energy! Call, text (403-819-8126) or email to book rental time or to bring in projects for me to quilt for you.

I will have lots of time available between December 6 and 22.

I've also just received a shipment of batting. Hobbs 80/20 cotton/polyester in 120" wide and Hobbs Poly Down in 108" wide are both available for purchase or for me to use in your quilt.


Yesterday I taught the Lone Star quilt class at Pinheads Quilting Company. We had a great day and the gals did a super job!

I'm going to be working on class ideas and proposals for the coming months. Let me know of any class suggestions you may have. I am currently teaching at My Sewing Room (kids and longarm), Pinheads Quilting Company (domestic quilting and piecing) and by request to guilds, quilt groups and in my studio.

On the Road

My Travel Calendar is pretty open for the coming months. Guess that means more time for quilting!!!

Have a great week sewing and quilting.

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