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Tuesday Tip - erasable pens

A number of years ago quilters were introduced to a wonderful pen. It marked paper and fabric, and heat or friction removed the marks. Quilters used them for everything!!

A problem and a worry soon became apparent. These marks didn't erase or iron off completely. If your quilt got cold, a residue of the mark would re-appear. We were horrified!!!!!

BUT a but of research showed that these pens were NOT MADE FOR FABRIC. They were initially made for true Crossword Puzzlers who worked in ink! This wonderful new product that we quilters adopted was a disappointment.

What's a quilter to do?

I still use these heat/friction erasable pens but I limit their use on my projects. I'll use the pen to mark the diagonal line for stitching Half Square Triangles or Flying Geese. I'll use the pen on the outside edge of my quilt to mark where my quilting lines will go. I will not mark quilting lines directly on the front of my quilt.

I use these erasable pens exclusively to write notes in my date book and journals. I love the eraser ends to make calendar changes and correct spelling errors!

So, QUILTER BEWARE! When you see the lovely pens at your local quilt shop and think they are the perfect marking pen, knowledge is power!

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