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Scrappy Trips Challenge 2024 - Part 2B - sew blocks for a different layout.

This post is Part 2B of the "sew blocks" section of the Scrappy Trips Challenge 2024. I want to show you another way that you can create your blocks to create the "trip around the world effect". I've been playing and like how the trips designs shows up. Let me show you.

I am sure I am not the only one who falls down that rabbit hole of social media. My go-to is Pinterest and when I click on an image I like, Pinterest will show me many more images and posts that are similar. So, after checking out a few Scrappy or Mini Trips Around the World posts, it appears that almost every other post is about these quilts! I've been saving images to use as inspiration. Here's my Pinterest board.

If you've made a few blocks and laid them out and played with some arrangements you'll see that 4 of your constant fabric units meet at some point and create a bold, eye catching point.

With a little bit of extra attention, you can create this effect with straight diagonal lines (diamonds) running through the quilt. You'll also get a nice "dot" of colour in the center of each diamond.

Here's how this works

You will need to create 2 types of blocks. Block A is the regular way with the constant fabric/colour running diagonally through the the center of the block.

When you make Block B, you'll be moving the constant fabric over from the center. In this sample the light beige is the center strip and the red has moved one strip to the right.

Here' are some of the sites where I got the idea.

Make Block As as normal.

Make Block Bs as follows.

Sub-Cut 6 strip sets 2 1/2" wide. Use the seam ripper to remove the stitches between units as normal. Now arrange the 6 strip sets in the same order as Block A.

Then simply take the 6th strip (the one on the far right hand side) and move it to the beginning (to the left hand side) of the block. Sew the block together as you would for Block As. Easy Peasy!

The constant diagonal line has shifted over one unit and is only 5 units long instead of the 6 units long in Block A. That 6th unit is now way over on it's own and will create a nice focal point in the diamonds.


May 20: Make the Blocks Part A and Part B

May 27: Arrange and sew the blocks into a quilt top (or two)

June 3: Border ideas (scrappy) - Piano Keys and Checkerboard

June 10: Binding - I'll do a tutorial on the Faux Piped Binding

Remember, it's not a rush. Just something to encourage us to sew and use up what we have.

Happy Quilting.


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